To become an eminent organization at pan global level into the field of career guidance and people development, helping people around the world envisioning themselves.


    To help individuals in finding their right career path so that they realize their dreams and become successful in leading a meaningful life.


    In today’s fiercely competitive scenario, while, choosing the right career is very critical, it is equally difficult as well. And what makes matter even worse is the availability of multiple options and friendly suggestion as well as mindset of parents. So, in the present scenario, it requires professional guidance and advisory – for an individual or a student to pursue the right career and that is where MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” comes into picture. My Admission Guidance and people development organization offering consultancy services, educational consultancy services, MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” has a proven track record of helping students getting the best suited career without wasting their precious time and academic sessions. With a panel of experts, MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” offers analysis of the educational qualification, aptitude, family background and the overall personality of an individual.
    Apart from this, the spectrum of our services also includes students development for Overseas Education and Industry Placements. We are helping students who need admission assistance in India and abroad. At MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” students get the entire gamot of information regarding professional courses, vocational training, best career options, overseas education and employment opportunities.
    Moreover each student is subject to a battery of tests in order to adjudge their innate potential and personality. Afterwards, most suitable career options are suggested to students and advices are provided for selecting the best one.
    In the present time of fierce competition, timely preparation and planning for a career is very important. With its focus on the students needs, MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” combines experience, information, researches and technologies as a key divider to enable people realizing their potential and making their dreams come true.

    Our Services

    • We give free educational counselling to students and parents regarding all courses and affiliated / recognized institution.
    • We have an online team to support all our candidates to communicate directly with us, irrespective of their geographical locations.
    • Once a query or interest has shown by a candidate, we respond them through best possible mode like telephone, mail or via voice conference. So, being at your local physical area, we can provide all the support and information with selected list of colleges offering the courses with their affiliations, placement results and facilities etc.
    • We filter all the good colleges based on your academic and financial capabilities and give and estimated outlet for a particular course.
    • We have seat reservation facilities.
    • We assist in getting educational loan.
    • We provide information about documentation etc.
    • We also help in student accommodation.
    • Apart from counselling and admission we take the responsibility of migrating the students from their origin to their selected college/University.
    • Students who get their admission process done through MY ADMISSION GUIDANCE “SATWAT GROUP” are entitled for membership card.

    Advantages for Students

    • Find a right college and course from 1000s of listings.
    • Search and find colleges or institute by streams.
    • Find courses and colleges offering it.
    • Learn how to plan the career, learn about the different careers.
    • Download brochure/prospectus/application forms.
    • Get updates on events, exams and other important activities related to professional studies.
    • Find information about the cities, educational loan, accommodation apart from hostels.
    • List of coaching centres for the preparatory/entrance examinations for different institute.
    • Comparison of colleges for better judgement.
    • Career graph.

    Advantage for Parents

    • Find the right college and course for their children.
    • Learn about the course fees, facilities and admission procedures.
    • Learn about career, scope of courses etc.
    • Get application forms and prospectus without travelling.
    • Find banks and financial institutes offering educational loans.
    • Access scholarship information to support children study.
    • Get useful informational about the cities where the children is re-located for studies.


    Engineering is a branch of studies for those who have a technical blend of mind. Processing an Engineering degree opens up numerous avenues nationally and globally as there is a perennial demand for Engineers all over the world. An Engineering degree from a reputed college is the first step in building a strong career in private sectors.
    As Engineering is a vast field, many branches of studies have evolved over the years. Mentioned are the top specializations chosen by the students of present day.

    BE, Civil Engineering
    BE, Mechanical Engineering
    BE, Computer Science
    BE, Electronics & Communication Engineering
    BE, Electricals & Electronics Engineering
    BE, Information Science Engineering
    BE, Telecommunication Engineering
    BE, Aeronautical Engineering
    BE, Biotechnology
    BE, Chemical Engineering
    BE, Automobile Engineering
    BE, Biomedical Engineering
    BE, Petrochemical Engineering
    BE, Medical Electronics
    BE, Marine Engineering
    BE, Mining Engineering
    BE, Mechatronics Engineering
    BE, Textile Engineering
    BE, Construction Technology & Management Engineering
    BE, Instrumentation Technology
    BE, Industrial Engineering Management
    BE, Petroleum Engineering & B. Arch

    “Lateral Entry”

    Lateral entry to engineering is possible after completion of 3 years polytechnic course. This means that a student can get into 2nd year of Engineering and can become a degree holder. Advantage of a Lateral entry not only gives a student better exposure in terms of enhancing your technical skills but also gives boost to your career in all aspects.

    • DENTAL
    • UNANI
    • SIDDHA
    • YOGIC




    • MD MS


    Health care has always been considered as a service to humanity which still continues if one is passionate about it. The health care industry is the most sought after profession with youngsters despite it being of long duration of demanding rigorous studies. This industry has a wide scope in terms of career opportunities. Plethora of Jobs await as this stream has multiple career opportunities which may range from being a Lab Technician to Dental Surgeon and to being a General Physician.

    • Finance
    • Human & Resource Management
    • Operation Management
    • Information Management
    • Retail Management & Marketing
    • International Business
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Environment management
    • Hospitality Management
    • Hotel Management
    • Tourism Management
    • Health Care


    Management in all human and business organization movement is the act of getting people together to achieve desired targets and objectives. Management courses contain staffing, leading, planning, organization or directing, controlling an organization or effort for the purpose of accomplishing an aim. A management course equips the students for taking over various roles in Management positions within an organization.
    MBA is the most sought out course for many graduates. MBA graduates land jobs in various sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Health care, FMCG, Retail Industry, Hospitality and many more.


    The most crucial link between a patient and doctor is a nurse. Being an indispensable part of the health care industry, Nursing has become the most sought after careers in India.

    • ANM Nursing
    • GNM Nursing
    • PB B.SC Nursing
    • B. SC Nursing
    • M. SC Nursing


    Paramedical courses are also a part of health care Industry. For successful treatment of many diseases, paramedical came into picture in huge demand.

    • Occupational Therapy
    • Laboratory Technology
    • Speech and Hearing Disorders


    This is an Allied medical field related to drugs and medicines. Courses in pharmacy make students eligible for pharmaceuticals industry. There is a great demand for pharmaceuticals professionals in India as well as abroad. The professional can find jobs in drug manufacturing companies or research organizations. They can even have their own business or open up their medical shop.

    • D. Pharm
    • B. Pharm
    • Pharm D.
    • M. Pharm


    • M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
    • R.V. Engineering college
    • Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering
    • Vellore Institute of technology (Vellore)
    • SRM Institute of Science & technology
    • Symbiosis Institute of Technology
    • BMS. College of Engineering
    • PES Institute of Technology
    • Hindustan College of Engineering
    • Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology
    • St. Joseph College of Engineering
    • Alliance College of Engineering & Design


    • Raja Rajeswari Dental College & Hospital
    • Bapuji Dental College & Hospital
    • Ragas Dental College & Hospital
    • Chettinad Dental College & Research Institute
    • Saveetha Dental College & Hospital
    • Shree Balaji Dental College & Hospital
    • SRM Dental College
    • Manipal College of Dental Science
    • Dr. MGR Dental College & Research Institute
    • Oxford Dental College
    • JSS Dental College & Hospital
    • Meenakshi Ammal Dental College & Hospital


    • A. J. Institute of Medical Science
    • Al-Ameen Medical College
    • JSS Medical College
    • Kasturba Medical College
    • Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science
    • Raja Rajeswari Medical College
    • St. John’s Medical College
    • Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College
    • Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Science
    • Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College


    • Great Lakes Institute of Management
    • Loyola College
    • Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Christ University (Institute of Management)
    • Symbiosis Institute of Management
    • Manipal Institute of Management
    • M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management
    • Reva College of Management
    • Alliance Institute of Management
    • GITAM Institute of Management


    India is store house of some of the top renowned colleges, producing Highly skilled professionals are main targets of good institutes. Fastest growing cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune are well known for its educational institutes. Students flock to these major cities for higher studies as well as in search of good career prospects.
    The requirements rate is quite good in these fast emergent cities and provide the students a platform to choose the best of career. These cities have been the most famous and sought out destination for higher education in India. The institutes have excellent teaching environments. The faculties are friendly and ready to reach out to the problems of the students without any delay. Along with rigorous campus studies and projects, a student also finds quality time for relaxation.
    Cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune are also a storehouse of massive variety of international cuisines, pubs and shopping malls and a reason for the generation of a lot of disposal income by the young people’s in the city.
    Being all well planned cities, numerous multinationals have set their bases here. Some of them being IBM, TCS, INFOSYS, WIPRO etc. This also gives students an opportunity to study by co-existing with job environments and so, institutes are coming up in large numbers using the large level of campus recruitment. Students live in a reasonably cheap university hostels and youth hostels. Travelling and accommodation are also reasonable. Students from all over both country as well as world, come to these cities to pursue to long cherished dreams.

    Our Guidance for Abroad Education


    Russia has always been an epic brand country for medical studies in world wide. This is because of highly inclined academics, professional and experienced staff.

    • Lomonosov Moscow State University.
    • Novosibirsk State University
    • Saint – Petersburg State University.


    Philippines Medical Universities and colleges are known for its quality education, sending thousands of doctors and engineer every year to work in USA, UK, and other developed western countries. According to American Physician Statistics, one among ten doctors in the USA studies at Philippines medical university.

    • Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine
    • Bicol Christian College of Medicine
    • Lyceum Northwestern University


    Nepal Medical College aims to provide quality education by acquiring medical education skills required to perform competencies of a medical graduate. It focuses on producing human beings with a vision to give society what they have received through a good education.

    • B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences.
    • Kathmandu University School of Medical sciences (KUSMS)
    • Patan Academy of Health Science (PAHS)


    One of the biggest benefits that Malaysia offers to international students is world education. Malaysia spends a major part of its higher education investment in growing and strengthening partnerships with foreign universities. A number of foreign universities from Australia, UK have already opened up branches in Malaysia.

    • New castle University of Medicine Malaysia.
    • Monash University Malaysia Campus.
    • MAHSA University.


    Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe. Studying MBBS in Ukraine is a popular destination among Indian students who are loo king to make a career in the medical field. MBBS, MD and many different degrees in medicine come at a very affordable cost.

    • Kyiv Medical University.
    • Donestk National Medical University.
    • Ternopil State Medical University.

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